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Brand Story

SPRT, the abbreviation of SPIRIT, is called “Si Pu Rui Te” and means “Jingshen” in Chinese.

The universe has three treasures, namely, the sun, the moon and the stars; so does human being, namely, energy, essence and spirit.

Spirit is essential to both individual and team. Therefore, the company is called “SPIRIT”.

In addition, we are engaged in the development and production of printers, and we expect to develop excellent printers. So another meaning of “SPIRIT” is “Splendid printer”.

Connotation of “SPRT”

S: We have a strong “Sense of innovation”. Without innovation, we will be weeded out.

P: We sell our “Popular products” all around the world.

R: We enjoy high “Reputation of honesty, integrity and nobility”.

T: We seek “Truth through practice”, which is our common characteristics.

In 1990s, the IT industry in Zhongguancun embraced a fast development and computer assembly became the most profitable industries. However, we chose the printing industry.

In 2006, SPRT was founded and began to explore the markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America and Middle East.

Now, SPRT sells products in over 70 countries and regions, mainly including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the US, India, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Australia, Tunisia, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Africa.