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Printer buyers around the world are growing familiar with the SPRT name. Since 1996, we have supplied our customers with advanced panel mini printers; POS receipt printers, portable printers and LCD modules. We were the first in mainland China to develop thermal printing techniques in our products. Located in one of China's leading technological development areas, Shangdi in Beijing, we bring together world-class talent, state-of-the-art components and innovative ideas to offer you first-rate printing products.

Save with us

While most suppliers lack the ability to develop key components in-house, we can. Apart from our print heads, which we import from Japan, we develop our parts right at our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. This leads to significant cost savings, since we do not need to import from expensive foreign suppliers. And for your quality assurance and sourcing convenience, most of our products carry CE and UL certification and are compliant with the RoHS Directive.

OEM/ODM orders are welcome

You can trust your custom projects to our 20 R&D engineers. They can have your samples ready in just two to three days. You can also choose from the three new products that we develop every year.

Delivery in as fast as two weeks

Place an order for 500 units, and you can expect delivery in approximately two weeks. But not before each unit is put through a 24-hour test in various temperature and humidity conditions. This is carried out by our 15 QC specialists, most of whom have over five years of experience.

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Clients from throughout China recognize us as an industry leader, and our panel printer series currently holds a 30 percent market share in China. Our international distribution network already spans the globe. To learn how you can make us your printer partners, contact us today.

No matter what the application is, SPRT has a printer to meet your most demanding needs. With a complete line of Mini Printers, POS Receipt Printers and Portable Printers to choose from, SPRT makes it easy for you to find the right printer for the right application. Select from one of the industries widest varieties of dot matrix and thermal printers with standard features like semi-automatic paper loading compact design, and high-speed performance. When it comes to quality, reliability and long lasting value you know you can depend on SPRT.